Adding Mods to your DayZ Server

Adding Mods to your DayZ Server through our Control Panel is quite easy and streamlined, here's how to do it;


Firstly, navigate to your DayZ Server through your Control Panel and select 'Steam Workshop'


After you are in the Steam Workshop section of your Control Panel you can search for any mods that are currently on the steam workshop and install them by clicking the install button.

Please note: Some DayZ Mods have other mod dependencies, you can view if the mod has dependencies (most commonly CF) by clicking the 'Details' button on the mod;

And then viewing the 'Required Items' section on the workshop page;


These 'Required Items' (Mods) Can also be installed through the same workshop section of your Control Panel.

That's it. All Mods automatically get added to your commandline and will start the next time you start your server. The mods Key will also be automatically added to your servers key folder.

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